Five Bright Ideas for Wedding Photos

Five Bright Ideas for Wedding Photos

When creating a wedding photo album, you want to make sure you make the photos as special as the day itself. Choosing the right photographer that you can work with to illustrate your love for one another is important to any couple, and there is also something to be said about a couple who likes to have fun, and break away from traditional photos in celebration of their love! Plenty of joyful options for those tying the knot are available, for those willing to have a little fun, and break a few of the rules. Here is a list of five, unique ideas for wedding photos, that will ensure you have a most, joyful, day.

1.      Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Think about everyone who is a part of your wedding, and make sure the photos reflect all of the extra, special details of your day. Ask the photographer to focus in on the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer to capture their genuine emotions during the wedding ceremony. Little kids can provide little moments that you might miss, if you turn your head for a few seconds. We like their bashful expressions, and absolute cute, both genuine and coached. If you aren’t getting enough sweetness, think about having them cover their eyes when the Bride kisses the Groom.

2.      Sparklers and Fancy Confetti

wedding sparklers nyc wedding photography anthony mickeal

Another great idea is to get a beautifully posed photo of the newlyweds, for example a kiss or an embrace, and then envelope them in love with fancy confetti floating, down, around them (think gold, silver or colorful hearts) to create a magical look and feel for a photo. This can be done with sparklers too in circle formation around the couple or down an ourdoor walkway to create a gorgeous and exciting night shot.

3. Parasols

wedding couple under a parasol NJ wedding photography

Have the bridesmaids or the bride and groom, specifically, carry parasols to create a whimsical, old fashioned, look and feel for the day. This is also a great way to get some photos while sparing yourself from the intense sun if you're having a summer wedding.

4. Light Festivals

Festivals of lights can recreate a very special, awe inspiring, look for a wedding that adds to the overall ambiance of the reception, for great photos, outside, at night. Another gorgeous way to do this, is by using candles nestled inside lanterns. This is especially beautiful for a beach or destination wedding, using the lanterns to line the waterfront. Stand in the light of love.

5. Day after shoot, aka Trash the Dress

Trash the dress is one of the most unique ways to preserve your memories, while forgetting about the dress. For those low-maintenance brides and grooms, you can have a lot of fun on a creative photoshoot like this. The most elegant choice is to celebrate your union with waves, crashing against the shore, and let the water run over you. It creates photos with a spirit of freedom and happiness.  These photos can be totally gorgeous, if you are able to completely relax, and let go of all of your worries!

First Look Wedding Photography: Take two on Wedding Traditions

 Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back in time, and capture the moment that the couple first meets on a very first date? It’s something to consider on your wedding day as a "first look".

Wedding traditions and ceremonies can become quite routine in nature, without much variation from the standard procedures we are used to seeing. Granted, the couple in love makes the entire day special, and the dress selections and people present all add to the overall experience. There are some extra special photo opportunities that you can add into your big day, to make it all the more sentimental and endearing. Traditionally, in most religions, or in non-denominational, wedding ceremonies, the Groom does not get to see the bride before the wedding.

The old root for this traditions is possibly Yichud, the meaning of which is Privacy, a Jewish tradition that helps the couple to spend some time together, relaxing, away from all of the excitement, well-wishes and overjoyed guests. Usually, this time alone will take place just before the reception (but after the wedding ceremony ), and it’s a really good way to relieve some of the stress and tension from the day’s events, as weddings are often a non-stop, whirlwind of emotions.

Many couples these days though are breaking the rules and opting for "First Look Photos", the moment even before the ceremony, when the bride and groom get to see each other for the very first time on their wedding day. The couple is still energized early on in the day and each straight out of the dressing room, looking and feeling their best. Photographers stage this event, for couples to meet in a specific place for photos, somewhere like a private garden away from the swarm of guests. Typically, the Groom will stand waiting, with the photographer present. The moment of the First Look is captured, when the Bride to be approaches the Groom, and he turns around to see her in that gorgeous, hand-picked, gown; it’s the initial moment when their eyes meet, and emotions do run high! A good photographer can capture all of this for you, and preserve that special private and intimate moment.

When thinking about your wedding photos, and how you would like everything to look, consider this an option for some additional photos that will create a moment you will never forget. These photos will require some extra time, and some extra planning, but they are a good opportunity to preserve everything that happens on your wedding day, and it’s also the moment that the bride looks her best, right out of the dressing area! What does the Groom think of all of this, and what is that unexplainable heartwarming feeling, when you both realize, this is the moment you've been waiting so long for, and that this is finally it? A good photographer will let you look back on it all, so you can remember this feeling forever.

Anthony is a NJ & NYC wedding photographer with a passion for artistic crafted story telling imagery. Contact us for more information on how we can make your wedding day special.