Anthony Mickeal Photography

Anthony Mickeal Photography

NJ Wedding and Headshot Photographer.

New Jersey Wedding and Headshot Photographer

   ‘‘You can either wait for the perfect lighting to happen or you can create it yourself’’

  As a professional wedding photographer there's something especially powerful about creating captivating imagery by taking control of the lighting. Knowledge of how light works and bringing portable studio lighting outside of the studio helps me create an editorial look. I don't wait for the perfect conditions, I create them myself wherever and whenever needed. My style is composed of a perfect balance between photo journalistic photography and artistically posed photos. My photos are always clean ,crisp, and vibrant.

  Getting to know new people is one of my favorite things. Each couple have their own story and I try to communicate this in their photographs. A personal connection  and understanding who you are shooting with can really help bring out character in the photos. I'm still in touch with many people years after their shoots and I strive to produce the most carefully crafted & artistic imagery possible. 

Experience dramatic and visually stunning studio headshot photography. Utilizing versatile portable studio lighting and a variety of creative techniques I am capable of creating a wide variety of looks beyond the typical white background studio shot. I have the knowledge to control lighting, and will bring out your best features. Working with portable studio lighting means I can shoot anywhere even in the convenience of your own home or office and always produce stellar editorial studio photography results. For headshots, portraiture, or commercial work see our pricing here. From NJ to Philly to NYC we have you covered.

Your engagement session will be uniquely tailored to your personality and story. Thinking outside the box to create exciting photos you can showcase to the world is my motivation. Don't worry at all if you are camera shy, we will hold your hand through the process, guide you, make sure you have plenty of fun, and enjoy your photo-shoot. We will show you fun poses and even give you some time to relax on your own as a couple to capture the candid moments from far off.

Wedding Photography

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” —Audrey Hepburn

Hiring a wedding photographer is not as easy as hiring other wedding professionals. You have to find a balanced combination of fun character, personal artistic style that you connect with, and serious professionalism. You will spend a great deal of time with your photographer the day of your wedding and its important to hire someone you are comfortable with, it really shows in the photos. 

Looking for a NJ wedding photographer? I like my clients to have a good idea about the way I work and the artistic style that I am capable of producing, I generally recommend an engagement mini-session to get to know each other and for you to see finished photos before booking. Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task and I want you to be able to book your wedding day with absolute confidence.

Photographic Style

  My style is based on story telling in a modern, editorial and clean look. A mix of contemporary, photojournalistic, and artistic wedding photography keeps things natural looking and vivid while capturing the emotions of the moment. My philosophy is to emphasize true natural beauty and keep my pictures true to life.  

There will be a point in time where you will want to look back at your wedding photos and remember what it was really like. Truth is photography that captures the essence of the moment and real emotions will naturally never go out of style and this is what we strive for.

    To make story telling imagery that is artistic and timeless while providing an enjoyable luxury photography experience is my goal. As any form of art, wedding photography requires patience to master and to develop different ways of seeing things. It is a continuous and expanding journey. Pushing the shutter button on a camera is one thing, but mastering control of lighting and evolving artistically is really what makes an astounding professional photographer. 

Find the best NJ Wedding Photographer

When you're seriously shopping around for a professional wedding photographer doesn't it appear that almost everyone these days has a "Best Wedding Photographer Award" badge on their website like its a dime a dozen, what's that all about? See my work firsthand by booking a no strings attached couples' engagement shoot. When you see how stunning you look in the finished photos and the artistic quality produced that's what really counts.

Covered locations for Wedding Photography

Professional wedding photography services covering all of NYC, New Jersey, Buck’s county PA, and Philadelphia. We will also take on your international destination weddings at the simple added cost of lodging and transportation. I always find it a pleasure to do destination weddings. Feel free to call us, Anthony Mickeal Photography at 201-968-6533 or email at .

 "Many clients come to my site after reading about me on sites like Fearless Photographers or Best of Wedding Photography. I am thrilled to have captured so many memories in NJ, NYC, and Philadelphia, and I hope to continue doing just that for years to come. For pricing and information you can easily obtain it by calling me, or dropping me an email through the contact link below. Find one of the best wedding photographers based out of New Jersey"

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