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Anthony Mickeal Photography | NYC & NJ Wedding Photography blog discussing new photo shoots and the latest projects. Anthony is a NYC & NJ Wedding Photographer with a contemporary editorial style.

What is Lifestyle Photography ?

  Lifestyle Photography is about adding life, perspective and emotion to photos and telling a story about your brand and its personality. It creates a mood, sets a scene and opens a window for people to see into your world, letting them experience what they may already know and enticing them to find out more however reflecting reality. It should truly capture your life just as it is. The ups, the downs, the values, the attitudes, the emotions, the personalities, and the life. This is a very laid back style of shooting and one of my favorite things. People just relax around me and truly share their life with me and it shows in the work. We have a good time... 

   Whether it be capturing your story in pictures or selling your brand, a lifestyle shoot combined with artistic photography techniques can be very powerful.

Lifestyle includes:
-Your personal brand : "I'm an....Actor/Actress, Model, Performer, athlete, artist, successful business person", your style, your way of living, your fashion....
-Couple photo sessions (eg. engagement shoots)
-family photo sessions (a day in your life) 

Anthony Mickeal