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Whats your favorite wedding photography style ?

wedding photo smile in church

"What is your favorite wedding photography style?" people ask me sometimes. Although I tend to blend many very subtle aspects in my work such as modern, classic, and even fashion inspired, something about photo journalistic photography tends to win the battle for mostly 70 to 80% of my photographs.

 Let's first define photojournalism. On a quintessential level, it is storytelling with photographs but additionally, the stories made must must be true stories and the photojournalist must try to tell the story in the a fair, balanced and unbiased sense. So it rained on your wedding day, big deal.. what's more beautiful than a newly married couple laughing and cuddled under an umbrella trying to make a run for the limo? After all isn't that what really happened ?

Ever guessed why the really older images endured so well and there has been so much recent effort by many photographers to replicate that classic iconic feel? Many photographers have even gone to the great lengths of trying to imitate film effects in Photoshop or even go greater lengths to shoot old school Contax cameras with Kodachrome film (the latter which I absolutely love). The photographers back then were looking for that "Definitive Moment" to photograph; the moment that tells the story. And the stories told were of real people, had authentic feel with real moments and honest emotions. They weren't about the latest trends or about something super cliché like all the grooms jumping in the air or a couple spelling "FOREVER" in scrabble squares for the sake of being cute (gag). We all react to true emotions, its our human nature and we are wired to feel. But when images are overly manufactured and manipulated they are devoid of emotion and take on a superficial and showy meaning.

                                                        "A moment in time"

 There is a point in time where you will want to look back at your wedding photos and remember what really happened that day. Truth is, reality and emotions are two things which naturally will not go out of style. For that reason I prefer sticking with a predominately clean, artistic and photo journalistic style of work.

We live in a very visual society, for that reason nothing grabs someone's attention like a striking photo. 70% of all communication is visual and photos can evoke emotion. For that reason photography is a a wonderful tool that can communicate to almost anyone.